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Zeal Goggles are built for the journey, the road and finding the uncommon vision at every turn. Zeal Optics aim to provide the ultimate goggles which offer clear vision and cut 99% of glare. They have been developed using the latest in lens technology which can protect your eyes from harmful UVA/B/C rays, preventing long term damage. What's more is that Zeal Optics is committed to being a green focused company. Many frames are biodegradable and all are made from plastic and plant based resins. This doesn't compromise on style and design though. Each pair has been developed with numerous features that are to provide the wear with the upmost comfort. Some designs now include Google sat-nav along with hd cameras to record the action on the move. Venting technology prevents build up of moisture on the inside of the goggle combined with a solid frame construction - Zeal Goggles are understandably the best quality of goggles on the market.